Metal Tag Care

Metal Tag Care

If your pets love playing in muddy places as much as mine, you're going to have to clean their tags sooner than later. Cleaning your tag also gives you a chance to establish its condition and whether the key ring needs to be replaced.

Cleaning your colour tags are as easy as rinsing it under the tap, giving it a quick wipe and your done!

Your metal tags will need a little bit more TLC as they tarnish over time with oxygen exposure. While I love the shiny look of new tags, I don't mind the look of brass when it has faded a little so I don't tend to give my pets' brass tags a thorough cleaning very often. I'll just wipe any dirt away with a cloth as needed.


Here is a step-by-step guide to keep your tags in tip-top condition:

Step 1: Give the tag a bath in some tomato sauce or rub it onto the tag with a soft cloth. The mild acid in tomatoes removes tarnish and dirt from brass. 
(You can also use a brass cleaner.)

 Step 2: Rinse the tag with water and dry thoroughly. 

Step 3: Fill in the text and symbols with a permanent marker. 
A thin marker (as shown in the picture) easily fills deeper markings. 
Step 4: Very lightly polish the tag with steel wool. This will clean up the permanent marker and bring back the shine to the tag.
Don't polish too hard - it could remove parts of the design!
You can also use a polish cloth for this if you have one, but it might take some effort to remove all the permanent marker.

 The finished product - good as new! 


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